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Robot Training


At the Ebild we’re passionate about automation – and love nothing more than conveying that passion. Whether you are a student, machine operator, programmer, maintenance specialist, machine tool builder, system integrator, line builder or designer, the Ebild courses offer everything you need to upskill yourself and increase productivity – from introductory programs for beginners through to courses tailored to the needs of expert users and specific applications. Ebild courses offer wide variety of training programmes to meet your needs. Our courses will include the following topics:

− Jogging and Safety

− Fundamental programming concepts including co-ordinate systems, tool data, movement types, I/O handling

− System configuration

− Teach pendant navigation

− Making simple changes to the program (e.g. position touch-ups)

− Practical exercises

− Calibration and software installation

− Making backups − Calibration

− Data manipulation, custom data types

− User Interface Instructions

− Creating/using advanced procedures and functions

− Error handling and search functions


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